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Tea Quality

Why choose Swallowtail Tea?

There is a growing demand for high quality, responsibly sourced tea and herbs in our country. Having transparency as to where our tea and herbs originate - how they are grown, processed, and packaged - is important for us and our customers. We are also committed to workers' rights and fair trade when we source our tea. Our belief is that there are energetics in everything. Make sure you're consuming the good stuff.

Why loose-leaf?

We package our tea loose in cans because we want our customers to have the best cup of tea possible. Using an infuser instead of a tea bag allows the tea leaves and herbs to fully expand, reaching their full potential. It also allows our customers to really appreciate the dedication to quality Swallowtail presents with their tea. You can see the long plucks, the beauty of the rolls. The leaves tell a story if you allow them to express themselves.

Where do your teas come from?

We source our tea (Camilia sinensis) from the tea-growing regions around the world. Currently, we have tea grown in India, China, Sri Lanka, and Japan. Our teas are all single-origin, meaning that a single variety was grown on one estate or within a village cooperative. This makes for a unique cup of tea, as the particular terroir of a farm will bring out a combination of characteristics distinctive to that place of origin. We are also working with local farmers to source herbs for our blends and tisanes. Many herbs grow easily in the Appalachian region, and we want to engage our local agricultural community as much as possible.

What's the relationship between Swallowtail Tea and Red Rooster Coffee?

Swallowtail Tea is under the umbrella of Red Rooster Coffee Roaster. Red Rooster was created in 2010 and has successfully joined the 3rd Wave coffee movement, winning several national awards for their superior coffee and barista skills. Swallowtail was created in 2017 with the same determination to provide the highest quality product.  



Do you offer free shipping?

Orders of $35 or more ship for free. Sign up for our email newsletter to receive occasional sales offers and free shipping promos. 

How Long Before My Order Ships?

An order placed before 2pm EST Monday- Friday will be shipped out the same day. Orders received after 2pm will be shipped the following weekday.

What's Swallowtail's Return Policy?

While Swallowtail does not offer returns, if you are unsatisfied with our product, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to find a solution. Your satisfaction is our top priority!!



Are these the only teas you plan to offer?

No, we plan to have a significant variety of teas, blends, and tisanes to offer our wholesale and retail customers. Keep looking and sign up to get updates on sales and new offerings!

How can I learn more about tea?

Swallowtail offers classes to our wholesale accounts to train baristas and staff on the basics of tea, tea service, and presentation. We also occasionally offer classes at various participating cafes and at our home base in Floyd, VA. Sign up on our email list to get notifications when and where classes are being held. We'd love to have you!  

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